Friday, November 6, 2009

The Relic

As was mentioned at the start of this thing, some players make it here because they are great, and happen to wear glasses; others just happen to wear their glasses great. A small contingent in the Bespectacled Spectacle belongs to those pairs of glasses that made it with no help from man.

I imagine that these things (left) were forged in the fires of creation, worshiped by medieval peasants, maybe sought by Mr. Indiana Jones.

One thing is for certain- they made it to the majors without the assistance of Jim Breazeale. The back of this card points to his most storied accomplishment- he was back-up first baseman to Hank Aaron. Not that making the majors is some small feat, but I can only imagine that it was the power of those two ton frames, forged from meteorites consisting of unknown metals, that willed him from the minors to the majors.

In the end, I can completely understand his deal with the devil- I would wear those even if they brought me regional softball fame, or, even if they simply could stay on my face and guide me through the day.

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